Monday, October 6, 2014

up to speed...

Whoa…a year later.

I totally, completely forgot about this blog. I still read other blogs (rather religiously), but completely forgot about mine. I really have no excuse, considering I’m not any busier, nor have I added any more commitments than I had before. The only time I really thought about this blog was when I worked on my family album. As in, “Why don’t I have more photos?” and “Why does my 'MY PICTURES' folder look so lame?” I guess for me, that’s what this blog was really about. It forced me take more pictures of everyday life, and made me reflect on little happenings. You, know, the mundane, everyday rituals and routines that really don’t mean much until you grow older and start missing them. It also served as my online timeline, a place where I could go back and see when specific things happened.

So, without further ado, please allow me to share the last year. Yes, the whole year, in the next several posts. Brace yourselves!  

My last entry was in October 2013 (!), so I'm going to start by sharing some a ton of photos from our Oahu trip that we took during Thanksgiving week.

Our first full day on the beautiful island was spent exploring the hotel, beach, pools, and eating malasadas...Lots and lots of malasadas, since we bought 2 OF EACH KIND. We didn't know they were so huge! Such tourists.

Our hotel had the cutest penguins and turtles. We made sure to see them get fed.

Our second day was spent at the Polynesian Cultural Center. We had absolutely no clue what to expect, but we had a great time learning about various island cultures, especially all the fun dances.

Jimmy even got in the mix and tried to learn some moooooves.

Visiting Pearl Harbor was on the must-do list.

So was visiting the Dole Plantation.

...and the shrimp truck...

...and Matsumoto's Shaved Ice...

...and overeating...

...and visiting Hanauma Bay.

I think it's safe to say that we covered all the tourist attractions. Up next...our trip to Sacramento/San Francisco (I would love to post non-trip photos, IF I HAD THEM). Sadly, the only times I pulled out of my 'big' camera were on trips and special occasions. FAIL

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