Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Spring Break 2015 (part 1)

For Spring Break 2015, the Koontz family set our destination for Oregon. We stayed in Portland, the home of the “weird people,” and Eugene, home of the Ducks.

Our first day in Portland started off with breakfast, as with all of our trips. Jimmy absolutely LOVES breakfast food, so off we went to the Waffle Window for the ‘spicy bacon cheddar jalapeno’ (Thick cut pepper bacon, Tillamook cheddar cheese and fresh jalapeno, topped with house made avocado salsa). I got the Alberta, which had the pepper bacon with organic Grade A maple syrup.

I think this was our first time with peppered bacon. It was amazingly delicious, and hopefully recreate-able.

After breakfast, we drove around and stumbled upon a cute neighborhood called Laurelhurst. I was amazed by all the GREEN everywhere! Oh, and tulips. Lots and lots of tulips.

Next on the agenda was the aerial tram in downtown Portland. For $4.35, the tram took us from the waterfront to OHSU, or Oregon Health and Science University, in a matter of minutes. I do believe that we were the ONLY tourists on the tram, since most of the people had legit hospital badges. Oh well…Tatsuki had a great time giggling and wow-ing as the tram shook back and forth.

After a quick stop at BUNK sandwiches for lunch, we met with our friends and visited their new home. The weather was gorgeous, so we drove down to a park nearby, and Tatsuki had fun throwing rocks, bothering the ducks, and finding random knickknacks in Lake Oswego.

Dinner was at McMenamins Kennedy School. We didn't take any pictures, but I highly recommend visiting there if you’re ever in Portland. The place used to be an old school house, but was turned into a hotel/movie theater/restaurant/soaking pool/brewery. As Tatsuki would say... cool 'tuff!

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