Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Spring Break (part 2)

Our second full day in Oregon started off with another round of breakfast at Pine State Biscuits. Here, Jimmy got their famous artery clogging Reggie Deluxe, which consists of fried chicken, bacon, egg, and cheese topped with gravy. I opted out to live a little longer and ordered a plain biscuit with strawberry jam and some eggs.

About an hour from Portland is an aviation museum called the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum. And since pictures are worth more than a thousand words, here are some images of one of the most amazing indoor water parks. EVER. (Really, we stayed for 4 hours, and could have stayed longer!)

Wave pool

Splash park for the little ones. See that huge green bucket at the top? Every several minutes, the water would fill up the bucket and splash the kids. SO.MUCH.FUN.

Needless to say that the big kid thoroughly enjoyed himself.

The pool also had a whirlpool, with basketball hoops. I think Tatsuki and Jimmy were in there for at least half and hour, going around and around…and around. And around.

Our day ended with Tatsuki reuniting with his favorite BFF, Sarah. We picked her and her roommate up at the University of Oregon, and had a delicious meal at…wait for it…Off the Waffle. Yes. More waffles.

And of course, Voodoo Donuts.

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